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JoAnn Youngblood King

JoAnn Youngblood King, is a 

CTA Certified Success Coach, Author and Owner of Live Your Potential  


As your coach,  JoAnn is committed to your success and happiness. She motivates and supports you in staying on track with your purpose and goals. She listens deeply, without judgment, and explores with you the actions that will move you toward your goals. 

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About Live Your Potential

Live Your Potential helps

entrepreneurs and small business owners to discover, tap into and live their inherent potential for success. 

I work with Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Coordinators and all types of support staff who are entrepreneurs at heart and are ready to accomplish their dreams and goals while currently working for someone else.  

 Live Your Potential provides Success Coaching through one-on-one coaching, group coaching and holding Success Seminars, Workshops and Events. 


"JoAnn is enlightening inspiring and motivating. She opens your  mind to think of options and solutions in a unique approach to achieve  desired results. Most importantly, JoAnn's process is calm, thoughtful  and revealing." -- E. Ford

"JoAnn, Thanks for all you have helped me to achieve. I have pittered and  pattered over becoming a Wedding and Event Planner for years. Deep down inside  you made me realize that I have an Entrepreneurial spirit. My love of organizing  and wanting to help others have drove me into the Wedding and Event  Planning arena. With your coaching I have made so much progress over these  last few weeks. You have help me to bring Anointed Affairs to life! Thank God  there are people like you who reach down inside and use your God's given talents  to help others. You are a wonderful Coach!  Thanks for allowing me to be your  next Top Success story. Because of you, I am learning to live my life to my full  potential. Thanks a million!" -- V. Blackwell 

"It wasn't that I was against coaching, it was just that I thought I was so self-motivated that I didn't need one. That was until I met Joann.

Joann completely changed my mind! She is a great coach! Not only did she keep me focused and on track, but she was more dedicated to my success than I was at times. Through the frustration, disappointments, and feelings of giving up, she constantly reminded me of the end result and gave me the push to work through it.

Joann's coaching is relaxed, but effective, and brings fresh ideas to the table that wasn't there before. Joann made me see the value in my publication. Through her coaching, I have gained more confidence in my business, thus increasing revenue and exposure. Live Your Potential is an asset in every way. You won't be disappointed!" -- N. Allen



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"JoAnn, Your inspirational text messages help to build me up and keep me  focused! Thank you for all your goodness!" P. Sconiers

"I really like them keep them coming it's helping me to make some changes in my life. 

Thanks!" S. Castillo


"JoAnn,  I really enjoy receiving the inspirational text messages. There have been many days that I have almost given up on my dreams due to my fears of not being good enough, as well as being fearful in general. Your text messages not only empower me, they linger in my consciousness and force me to confront my procrastination and or fears.Thank you JoAnn for all that you do. I look forward to hiring you as my coach in the near future." N. Pillot 


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